flaming sword

  1. a cultivated bromeliad, Vriesea splendens, native to French Guiana, having long, red bracts and yellow flowers.

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How to use flaming sword in a sentence

  • For now since the flaming sword hath come, there is no need for haste; nay, we cannot depart till they have gone up-country.

  • The flaming sword of gold would keep him from re-entering the Paradise he had got into as a boy crawls under a circus tent.

    What Will People Say? | Rupert Hughes
  • It is a flaming sword that priestcraft has placed in every highway of learning to frighten back the timid searchers after truth.

    The Bible | John E. Remsburg
  • Mrs. Starling was, in this case, the angel of the flaming sword.

    John Marvel, Assistant | Thomas Nelson Page
  • And now between her and me was the flaming sword which turned every way.

    John Marvel, Assistant | Thomas Nelson Page