[ flan-derz ]


  1. a medieval country in W Europe, extending along the North Sea from the Strait of Dover to the Scheldt River: the corresponding modern regions include the provinces of East Flanders and West Flanders in W Belgium, and the adjacent parts of N France and SW Netherlands.


/ ˈflɑːndəz /


  1. a powerful medieval principality in the SW part of the Low Countries, now in the Belgian provinces of East and West Flanders, the Netherlands province of Zeeland, and the French department of the Nord; scene of battles in many wars

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Example Sentences

By the latter part of the century, the empire could also call upon Portuguese shipyards and foreign ports in Italy, Sicily, and Flanders to provide resources for their shipbuilding endeavors.

You’ve got seven British Tommy soldiers, all with their heads bowed, with a vintage World War tank, and even the trees that have been planted there are from Flanders.

The Flanders region of Belgium has also been building a Solid-connected service called My Citizen Profile that lets people control the data they share with local government and companies.

From Fortune

The Great War claimed many more victims long after the torn, corpse-strewn landscape of France and Flanders had healed.

He voices Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and Mr. Burns, among many other characters.

This tapestry was woven in Flanders in about 1500  for a noble French client.

Edward had crossed the Channel to put an army ashore in Flanders.

Flanders was overrun by the French, and Queen Philippa had been taken hostage in Ghent.

In Flanders, he says, they would never attack with empty limbers behind them; they would wait till they were full up.

A pipe manufactory was established in Flanders about the middle of the last century.

Edward, while busily arranging 'to cross seas' to Flanders, was also pushing forward preparations for a 'Scottish War.'

Consequently, each of my guns has to do the work which two and a half guns are doing in Flanders.

Mr. Arnold Bennett has just received a remarkable letter from a British marine who was recently landed on the coast of Flanders.


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