[ flan-l ]
/ 藞fl忙n l /
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a soft, slightly napped fabric of wool or wool and another fiber, used for trousers, jackets, shirts, etc.
a soft, warm, light fabric of cotton or cotton and another fiber, thickly napped on one side and used for sleepwear, undergarments, sheets, etc.
  1. an outer garment, especially trousers, made of flannel.
  2. woolen undergarments.
  1. a washcloth.
  2. Informal. nonsense; humbug; empty talk.
  3. Informal. flattery; insincere or overdone praise.
verb (used with object), flan路neled, flan路nel路ing or (especially British), flan路nelled, flan路nel路ling.
to cover or clothe with flannel.
to rub with flannel.
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Origin of flannel

1300鈥50; Middle English flaunneol, perhaps dissimilated variant of flanyn sackcloth <Welsh; compare Welsh gwlanen woolen article, equivalent to gwl芒nwool (akin to Latin l膩na) + -en suffix denoting a single item (as a piece of a mass noun or singular of a collective plural)
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British Dictionary definitions for flannel

/ (藞fl忙nl) /

verb -nels, -nelling or -nelled or US -nels, -neling or -neled (tr)

Derived forms of flannel

flannelly, adjective

Word Origin for flannel

C14: probably variant of flanen sackcloth, from Welsh gwlanen woollen fabric, from gwl芒n wool
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