[ flair-uhp ]
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  1. a sudden flaring up of flame or light.

  2. a sudden outburst or intensification, as of anger or tensions.

  1. a sudden outbreak of violence, disease, or any other condition thought to be quelled, checked, or inactive.

Origin of flareup

First recorded in 1830–40; noun use of verb phrase flare up

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How to use flareup in a sentence

  • For a word, she would flare up into a sudden anger, nor try as he would, could he divine what action of his would displease her.

    The Woman Gives | Owen Johnson
  • As the light gleamed out Lieutenant Hal turned its broad flare up the river.

  • The light of the lantern began to splutter and flare up, showing that the oil in the cup was running low.

    The Boy Land Boomer | Ralph Bonehill
  • You don't want to take advantage of her being sick and weakly now—now, you no need to flare up!

    Narcissa, or the Road to Rome | Laura E. Richards
  • Now, for some little flare-up you come racing here to use Elnora as a tool to spite the other girl.

    A Girl Of The Limberlost | Gene Stratton Porter

British Dictionary definitions for flare-up


  1. a sudden burst of fire or light

  2. informal a sudden burst of emotion or violence

verbflare up (intr, adverb)
  1. to burst suddenly into fire or light

  2. informal to burst into anger

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Other Idioms and Phrases with flareup


Suddenly become angry, as in She flared up at the slightest provocation. This metaphoric expression, dating from the mid-1800s, transfers a sudden burst of flame to sudden rage.

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