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[ flair-ing ]


  1. blazing; flaming.
  2. glaringly bright or showy.
  3. spreading gradually outward in form:

    a flaring skirt.

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Other Words From

  • flaring·ly adverb
  • un·flaring adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of flaring1

First recorded in 1585–95; flare + -ing 2

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Example Sentences

Amid his display of contentment and good humor over the flaring up of their long-running feud, though, Johnson couldn’t resist a jab at Jones’s well-known fondness for the spotlight.

New Mexico recently passed legislation banning routine flaring of excess natural gas.

A few initial measures, including equipment upgrades and the elimination of routine venting and flaring, are already underway, the company added.

It could offer a brand new way to fuel electricity-guzzling crypto farms, while cutting emissions produced through the flaring of natural gas.

From Ozy

Perhaps I should be more understanding, now that my own hoarding tendencies are flaring up.

The epidemic was flaring anew last month, when Spencer left New York for Guinea.

The reason to watch The View is the same as watching Real Housewives: We want to watch argument, tempers flaring.

One night, driving home, I passed an alley and saw someone light a crack pipe, the tiny red ember flaring bright.

Crime is on the rise and tensions throughout the city are flaring.

The colours of the rainbow shone there in pale tints, and the flaring sunshine could not enter.

There was a dry-goods clerk, who wore flaring ties, and who played the role of a "masher" upon the avenue every evening.

Up against the black morning sky there streamed a broad flaring of red, irregular and uncertain.

The fire in the range had gone out; the candle-flame, flaring above a saucer of melted wax, sank lower and lower.

Twas cold, and the lamp was flaring: I closed the door against this inrush of weather.


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