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/ ˌflætˈfʊtɪd /


  1. having flatfoot
  2. informal.
    1. clumsy or awkward
    2. downright and uncompromising
  3. informal.
    off guard or unawares (often in the phrase catch flat-footed )

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Derived Forms

  • ˌflat-ˈfootedly, adverb
  • ˌflat-ˈfootedness, noun

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Idioms and Phrases

see caught flat-footed .

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Example Sentences

There, so taken, caught in the act, flat-footed, we are obliged to make our stand.

Instead, it left the candidate scrambling and her campaign flat footed.

On Sunday the publisher was caught flat-footed and scrambling to respond to the leak.

Obama's offensive caught the Romney camp completely by surprise and left them flat-footed and slack jawed.

Knowing that, why have the Republican presidential primary candidates been caught flat-footed every time?

First there was a small, flat-footed scarlet slipper with a fluffy gold toe to it.

Since then I believe nothing more has been seen of these flat-footed people.

The little bunt had proved so totally unexpected that the Belden players were caught flat-footed.

I'd like to take a flat-footed stance as claiming that the end justified the means.

They are bilt sumthing like a hen, and are an up-and-down, flat-footed job.


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