[ flat-hed ]

noun,plural (especially collectively) flat·head, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) flat·heads.
  1. any of several scorpaenoid fishes of the family Platycephalidae, chiefly inhabiting waters of the Indo-Pacific region and used for food.

Origin of flathead

First recorded in 1825–35; flat1 + head

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flat head

  1. a flat screw head.

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[ flat-hed ]

  1. Also called Bit·ter·root Sa·lish [bit-er-root sey-lish] /ˈbɪt ər rut ˈseɪ lɪʃ/ . a member of an Indigenous people of northwest Montana.

  2. a member of a confederated nation of Salish and Kootenay peoples, established in 1855 and located in northwest Montana.

  1. a member of the Chinook people.

  1. of or relating to any of the peoples historically known as Flathead or to their languages.

Origin of Flathead

First recorded in 1530–40; so called from their supposed practice of binding infants' heads to create a longer, flatter skull shape; the peoples currently known as Flatheads did not engage in this custom

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[ flat-hed ]

  1. a river in SE British Columbia and NW Montana, flowing S to Flathead Lake and S and W to the Clark Fork River. 240 miles (385 km) long.

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/ (ˈflætˌhɛd) /

nounplural -head or -heads
  1. any Pacific scorpaenoid food fish of the family Platycephalidae, which resemble gurnards

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