flatties (ˈflætɪz)

/ (flæts) /

pl n
  1. shoes with flat heels or no heels

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How to use flats in a sentence

  • Peering through the window, over the flats, I saw a light gleaming steadily at the head of the village street.

  • These flats were free from stones and covered with a scant growth of cottonwoods and pions.

    Motor Matt's "Century" Run | Stanley R. Matthews
  • Large boats and flats were slung over the sides and lashed amidships.

    The British Expedition to the Crimea | William Howard Russell
  • It would not be high tide until three in the afternoon, and the flats were now lying bare.

    The Rival Campers Afloat | Ruel Perley Smith
  • Its shores were long stretches of mud-flats, corrugated everywhere with thousands of clam-holes.

    The Rival Campers Afloat | Ruel Perley Smith