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[ fley-ver-ing ]


  1. something that gives flavor; a substance or preparation used to give a particular flavor to food or drink:

    vanilla flavoring.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of flavoring1

First recorded in 1835–45; flavor + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Once it’s smooth, blend in the sweetener and the salt and other flavorings to taste.

They’ll goose the mixture with further flavorings — honey, chiles and salt — and blitz it all in a Vitamix until smooth.

The flower’s pollen has long been used in Italy, where it’s a classic flavoring for porchetta, and was introduced to American cooks in the 1990s.

Others might know it as the key flavoring agent in orange liqueurs like Curaçao and Grand Marnier.

It should be noted that whey doesn’t taste very good on its own, so flavoring is often added to increase its palatability.

OK, well maybe we do agree with the latter view; that sort of extreme flavoring can veer dangerously close to sacrilege.

That is a heady, authentic flavoring you will never derive from a bottle.

A perfectly roasted legume has a compact crunch that absorbs any flavoring you coat it with.

Is it to cook with, to use as garnish, or to add extra flavoring or as salad dressing?

Juniper, which is the principal flavoring of gin, is very fragrant, with a pine scent.

Some varieties of snuff were named after the scents employed in flavoring them.

Artificial flavors are given to cigars, when some particular taste is to be satisfied, by the use of flavoring extracts.

In moistening Havana leaf Catalan wine is used, and other flavoring extracts.

Sodium chloride (table salt), an important part of the blood, is taken in as a flavoring upon our meats and vegetables.

I think I would like to have some bread with banana butter on and a glass of milk with vanilla flavoring.


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