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  1. any of numerous small, wingless bloodsucking insects of the order Siphonaptera, parasitic upon mammals and birds and noted for their ability to leap.

  2. either of two common fleas of the genus Ctenocephalides, the very small, black C. felis(cat flea ) or the similar but larger C. canis(dog flea ), both of which infest cats, dogs, and occasionally humans.

  1. any of various small beetles and crustaceans that leap like a flea or swim in a jumpy manner, as the water flea and beach flea.

Idioms about flea

  1. flea in one's ear,

    • a disconcerting rebuke or rebuff: The next time he shows his face around here he'll get a flea in his ear.

    • a broad hint.

Origin of flea

before 900; Middle English fle,Old English flēah, flēa; cognate with German Floh; akin to flee

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/ (fliː) /

  1. any small wingless parasitic blood-sucking insect of the order Siphonaptera, living on the skin of mammals and birds and noted for its power of leaping

  2. any of various invertebrates that resemble fleas, such as the water flea and flea beetle

  1. flea in one's ear informal a sharp rebuke

Origin of flea

Old English flēah; related to Old Norse flō, Old High German flōh

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  • flea in one's ear, a
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