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[ flej-ling ]


  1. a young bird just fledged.
  2. an inexperienced person.

    Synonyms: greenhorn, freshman, beginner, tyro, novice


  1. young, new, or inexperienced:

    a fledgling diver.


/ ˈflɛdʒlɪŋ /


  1. a young bird that has just fledged
    1. a young and inexperienced or untried person, organization or system


/ flĕjlĭng /

  1. A young bird that has just grown the feathers needed to fly and is capable of surviving outside the nest.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fledgling1

First recorded in 1820–30; fledge + -ling 1

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Example Sentences

When Netflix went public in 2002, it had just 600,000 subscribers, and the fledgling company was losing money.

In addition to the famous Startup Battlefield, we love giving startups the mic to grab the spotlight for their fledgling startups.

To fund SushiSwap’s development, the leader delegated 10% of all Sushi tokens to developers working on the fledgling project.

From Fortune

The world was watching to see what kind of culture the fledgling American superpower really was.

This was not surprising to the team, given that fledglings beg loudly for food and are not yet alert to predators—making fledglings in suburban environments particularly prone to visual predators such as domestic cats.

But that may just add to the allure for these fledgling leaders.

Three days into the life of the fledgling country and separatists dissemble on how far advanced they are in state making.

He has intimidated and humiliated the fledgling pro-European government in Kiev.

He also has an LP and his own fledgling record company called Chin Stroke.

For a small and fledgling army, open revolution was inconceivable.

Late the next evening, the hedgehog discovered a fledgling thrush hidden in the grass beyond the alders.

A terrified bird flew out of the hedge, no further than a fledgling's flight in front of her.

Only the pinkos call them fascists, but Bertrand de Juvenal, the fledgling ambassador's pal, knows otherwise.

Hilaire was in Japan, and I—a callow fledgling from the nest—was very sick and sorry for myself.

You crow loud as a fledgling cock with your weighty subjects!


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