/ (ˈfliːɪn) /

  1. Scot dialect drunk

Origin of fleein'

literally: flying, from flee ²

Words Nearby fleein'

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How to use fleein' in a sentence

  • Weel then, hes fleein up the road like the wund; hell he at Little Vantage (about nine miles off) in nae time if he haud on.

    Spare Hours | John Brown
  • "This is a little band of religious devotees fleein' persecution," said Buck.

    The Killer | Stewart Edward White
  • Does ye reckon mebby he war a-fleein' from some enemy over in Virginny—an' thet ther feller followed atter him an' got him?

    The Roof Tree | Charles Neville Buck
  • But I reckon she was hidden or dropped by her mother, or some one fleein' for life.

  • His subjec' wuz 'Fleein' frum the wrath to come,' an' he wuz pow'rful.

    Crestlands | Mary Addams Bayne