1. places offering luxurious and unrestrained pleasure or amusement: the fleshpots of Las Vegas.
  2. luxurious and unrestrained living.
a pot or vessel containing flesh or meat.

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Origin of fleshpot

First recorded in 1525–35; flesh + pot1

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pl n often facetious

luxurious or self-indulgent living
places, such as striptease clubs, where bodily desires are gratified or titillated

Word Origin for fleshpots

C16: from the Biblical use as applied to Egypt (Exodus 16:3)

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Word Origin and History for fleshpots



from flesh (n.) + pot (n.1); literally "pot in which flesh is boiled," hence "luxuries regarded with envy," especially in fleshpots of Egypt, from Exodus xvi:3:

Whan we sat by ye Flesh pottes, and had bred ynough to eate. [Coverdale translation, 1535]
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