[flur-on, floo r-]


a floral motif, as one used as a terminal point or in a decorative series on an object.
Printing. flower(def 6).

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Origin of fleuron

1350–1400; < French; Old French floron, equivalent to flor flower + -on noun suffix; replacing Middle English flouroun < Old French

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Examples from the Web for fleuron

  • Fleuron on the title-page of Histoire de lamesure du temps par les horloges, byFerdinand Berthoud, 1802.

    Choffard|Vera Salomons
  • Fleuron on the title-page of volume vii ofCollection complte des uvres deJ.-J.

    Choffard|Vera Salomons
  • And so he went on board the Fleuron to surrender his sword and his privateer commission.

British Dictionary definitions for fleuron



another name for flower (def. 8)
cookery a decorative piece of pastry

Word Origin for fleuron

C14: from French, from Old French floron, from flor flower

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