[ flahyd ]
/ flaɪd /


a simple past tense and past participle of fly1.

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Origin of fly

before 900; Middle English flīen, Old English flēogan; cognate with Old High German fliogan, German fliegen, Old Norse fljuga


1 Fly, flit, flutter, hover, soar refer to moving through the air as on wings. Fly is the general term: Birds fly. Airplanes fly. To flit is to make short rapid flights from place to place: A bird flits from tree to tree. To flutter is to agitate the wings tremulously, either without flying or in flying only short distances: A young bird flutters out of a nest and in again. To hover is to linger in the air, or to move over or about something within a narrow area or space: hovering clouds; a hummingbird hovering over a blossom. To soar is to (start to) fly upward to a great height usually with little advance in any other direction, or else to (continue to) fly at a lofty height without visible movement of the wings: Above our heads an eagle was soaring.


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British Dictionary definitions for flied (1 of 3)

/ (flaɪ) /

verb flies, flying, flew or flown

noun plural flies

Derived forms of fly

flyable, adjective

Word Origin for fly

Old English flēogan; related to Old Frisian fliāga, Old High German fliogan, Old Norse fljūga

British Dictionary definitions for flied (2 of 3)

/ (flaɪ) /

noun plural flies

Derived forms of fly

flyless, adjective

Word Origin for fly

Old English flēoge; related to Old Norse fluga Old High German flioga; see fly 1

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/ (flaɪ) /

adjective flyer or flyest slang

mainly British knowing and sharp; smart
mainly Scot furtive or sneaky


on the fly mainly Scot in secret; sneakily

Word Origin for fly

C19: of uncertain origin
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Medical definitions for flied

[ flī ]


Any of numerous two-winged insects of the order Diptera.
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Scientific definitions for flied

[ flī ]

Any of numerous insects of the order Diptera, having one pair of wings and large compound eyes. Flies include the houseflies, horseflies, and mosquitoes. See more at dipteran.
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