flight leader

  1. a pilot who commands a flight of military airplanes.

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How to use flight leader in a sentence

  • Then the first bombing plane, bearing the flight leader, “taxis” across the field, appearing to stagger under its great burden.

    The Romance of Aircraft | Lawrence Yard Smith
  • Dave waited until he saw his flight leader swerve off to slam in at the Junkers to the right.

    Dave Dawson with the R.A.F | R. Sidney Bowen
  • "flight leader ought to be first, Sonny, not last," said the Major as the boy came up.

    Air Men o' War | Boyd Cable
  • The flight leader ran his engine up again, its humming drone rising to a full deep-chested roar.

    Air Men o' War | Boyd Cable
  • In three minutes the door banged open noisily, and the flight leader clumped heavily in.

    Air Men o' War | Boyd Cable