flight suit


  1. a long-sleeved jumpsuit made of fire-resistant material, worn typically by members of an aircraft crew.

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Example Sentences

When it’s time to go, the pilot connects the cup or pad with a tube leading to a pump outside the flight suit.

Historically, that’s been a tricky piece of work in a cramped fighter jet cockpit, where a parachute harness, full-body flight suit and survival vest make it tough to access the necessary body parts and take a leak without making a mess.

It’s dressed in a distressed red flight suit that you may remember from the films.

Of the group, five astronauts were present at the Kennedy Space Center for the meeting, wearing their blue flight suits and protective masks, but said nothing.

He may look Top Gun, with his flight suit and aviator shades, but beneath the façade lays a man torn to pieces.

And maybe that video of George W. Bush strutting around on an aircraft carrier in his flight suit.

George W. Bush was riding high in the media after the fall of Baghdad, when he landed on that carrier in a flight suit.

Logan wasn't much over five feet tall, and his flight suit made him look like a bald pussycat.

Phil Conover pulled the zipper of his flight suit up the front of his long, thin body and came into the living room.





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