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  1. an outmoded gunlock in which a piece of flint striking against steel produces sparks that ignite the priming.

  2. a firearm with such a lock.

Origin of flintlock

First recorded in 1675–85; flint + lock1

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How to use flintlock in a sentence

  • In 1990, Predator 2 set a Predator upon Los Angeles, and introduced more of the creature’s mythology—including a detail that it possesses an 18th Century flintlock pistol as a trophy.

  • The most welcome capture was the arms, for many of his men were armed with flintlock muskets.

    A Little Union Scout | Joel Chandler Harris
  • They were armed defensively with a shield, and offensively with a curved sword, and a flintlock musket slung at the saddle-bow.

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne
  • The boy followed, and then the master took his seat in the stern, with his flintlock fowling piece within reach.

    Duffels | Edward Eggleston
  • flintlock rifles were the usual arm, though here and there a man had a Cramer.

  • Some genius in the machine shop altered a matchlock musket to flintlock and showed the local gunsmiths how to do it.

    Space Viking | Henry Beam Piper

British Dictionary definitions for flintlock


/ (ˈflɪntˌlɒk) /

  1. an obsolete gunlock in which the charge is ignited by a spark produced by a flint in the hammer

  2. a firearm having such a lock

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