[ flahy-ting ]
/ ˈflaɪ tɪŋ /


a literary war of words, in versified dialogue.

Origin of fliting

Middle English word dating back to 1150–1200; see origin at flite, -ing1

Definition for fliting (2 of 2)


or flyte

[ flahyt ]
/ flaɪt /
Scot. and North England

verb (used without object), flit·ed, flit·ing.

to dispute; wrangle; scold; jeer.


a dispute or wrangle; scolding.

Origin of flite

before 900; (v.) Middle English fliten, Old English flītan to strive, contend; akin to Middle High German vlīzen (German Fleiss industry), Old Saxon flītan; (noun) Middle English; Old English flīt strife, abuse, derivative of the v.
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British Dictionary definitions for fliting



Scot and Northern English dialect


(tr) to scold or rail at


a dispute or scolding

Word Origin for flite

Old English flītan to wrangle, of Germanic origin; related to Old Frisian flīt strife, Old High German flīz strife
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