flood insurance


  1. insurance covering loss or damage to property arising from a flood, flood tide, or the like.

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Example Sentences

Real estate agents such as Stansfield use FEMA’s 100-year flood plain maps to determine whether homes are required to have flood insurance, which many interpret to mean they are safe from flooding.

The accountability office cited a 2006 study that found only about 1 percent of consumers outside hazard areas purchase flood insurance.

They don’t have to disclose to potential buyers whether there have been any flood damages to structures on the property or whether the home requires flood insurance.

Before Allison, Jucker had suggested to her husband that they ought to buy flood insurance.

Lenders post all the documents required for closing on the site, and service providers upload appraisals and title and flood insurance contracts.

From Fortune

He proposed using some unspent funds to subsidize flood insurance.

The folks who live in between are still recovering from the storm and wondering how they will ever pay for flood insurance.

We proffer federally backed flood insurance at rates bearing no resemblance to the risks.

What will the governments try to do for those who did not purchase flood insurance?

This does not include payouts to be made by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


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