[ flawr-lengkth, -length, flohr- ]


  1. extending to the floor:

    a floor-length skirt.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of floor-length1

First recorded in 1935–40

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Example Sentences

A stoic figure in a white floor length dress and razor-tailored bodice was accessorized with a giant bull skull as a mask.

After dislocating her shoulder recently, she exited the hospital in a floor-length gown.

The lot includes thirty-two items of Lewinsky memorabilia, including a floor-length black negligee.

Wide-legged black pants and dark, pointy low heels peeked out from under the hem of her floor-length coat.

Abramovic was wearing a floor-length navy blue robe, a pigtail over her right shoulder.

And, away to the right, two floor-length windows sparkled, hung with great drapes and shining in the daylight.

The two small boys she'd borne to Raoul ran beside her floor-length calico skirt.

Mrs. John Kurtz Smoot was the official hostess and she and her house tour guides were dressed in floor-length period costumes.

Once, he walked just a little too close to the floor-length window—and Corinne stood up nervously.





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