[ flawr-bawrd, flohr-bohrd ]
/ ˈflɔrˌbɔrd, ˈfloʊrˌboʊrd /
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any of the boards composing a floor.
the floor of an automotive vehicle.

verb (used with object)



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Origin of floorboard

First recorded in 1880–85; floor + board
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What does floorboard mean?

A floorboard is one of the usually wooden planks that make up a floor.

It usually refers to a board of plywood used to make a subfloor—the rough floor beneath a finished floor. Many houses are constructed using floorboards to create a subfloor, which is then often covered with materials like hardwood, carpet, tile, linoleum, or some form of laminate flooring.

The word floorboard means something else in the context of vehicles—it refers to the floor of a car or truck.

This sense of the word is the basis of the slang verb floorboard, meaning to press a vehicle’s accelerator (gas pedal) as far down as possible (all the way to the floor) in order to go as fast as possible. The word floor is more commonly used to mean the same thing. Both terms are often followed by it, as in As soon as the light turned green, I floorboarded it so I could get way ahead of all the other cars. 

Example: I pried up a loose floorboard hoping to find treasure under, but there was just a lot of dust and dirt.

Where does floorboard come from?

The first records of the word floorboard come from the 1880s. The word board is commonly used to refer to a thin plank of wood.

In movies, people are always hiding things—or finding things hidden—under the floorboards, like stashes of money or secret letters. Sometimes, there’s even a secret room under the floorboards that’s used to hide people from the bad guys, who are often shown walking on the floorboards and causing dust to fall on the people who are trying to stay quietly hidden below.

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How is floorboard used in real life?

Floorboards are a common part of most houses. When people use the word, it’s usually in the context of construction, renovation, or floorboards that squeak too much.



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British Dictionary definitions for floorboard

/ (ˈflɔːˌbɔːd) /


one of the boards forming a floor
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