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[ flawrd ]


  1. covered or furnished with a floor:

    The house even has a floored attic with two usable rooms.

  2. brought down to the floor or ground; knocked down:

    The boxer dealt a finishing blow to his floored opponent.

  3. (of an accelerator pedal) pushed down all the way to the floor of a vehicle, for maximum speed or power:

    In these low-end sports cars there’s still significant lag in response to a floored gas pedal.

  4. nonplussed or puzzled:

    The goalie was shy and not interested in the spotlight—he seemed floored when I asked him to sign my son's jersey.

  5. (of an argument) shown to be untenable; overthrown:

    You claim to have saved money by not buying a new car, but given how much you’ve spent on repairs, this seems a floored argument.

  6. Stock Exchange, Banking. being, having, or involving a floating interest rate for which a minimum level has been set: Compare capped ( def 4a ).

    If your mortgage has a floored rate, your interest rate will not drop below that rate even if the base rate falls.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of floor.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of floored1

First recorded in 1550–60; 1995–2000 floored fordef 6; floor ( def ) + -ed 2( def ) for the adjective senses; floor ( def ) + -ed 1( def ) for the verb sense
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Example Sentences

So to able to ride that wave and get on the ground floor to be in production vehicles as well was of particular interest for us.

Latria is split between two planes, one above the fog in the highest floors of the tower, and another way below the fog, knee deep in mud and blood.

Facing a familiar foeBjerg joined the squad and promptly found himself sleeping on the floor in a teammate’s room in San Jose.

Bezos and his wife initially packed up Amazon orders while kneeling on a concrete floor.

The bill, called the Keeping All Students Safe Act, would enact a national ban on restraints that can restrict breathing, including prone restraint where students are held face down on the floor and supine where they are held face up.

“I am just floored by this,” Jo Farrell, now 83, told The Denver Post eight years ago when the allegations first surfaced.

Inside the wax floored examining room, I sat up on the powder blue table with my shirt off.

Rachael Leigh Cook: That M. Night Shyamalan thing totally floored me.

“I was floored,” says neurosurgeon Paulo Niemeyer, who had contacted Batista for the event.

His reply floored me: He said he had received sexually explicit texts from an old cellphone number that had belonged to me.

He had often been floored by argument and coughed down by contempt, but he seemed alike insensible to sarcasm and to insult.

The nave and porch were floored with plain red tesserae: in the apse was a simple mosaic panel in red, black and white.

Up very early and removed the things out of my chamber into the dining room, it being to be new floored this day.

The rais house was a typical sample of the ordinary mountain cabin; walled with rough stone rubble, and floored with beaten earth.

It was the 'Æneid,' and I began at your bookmark and tried to stagger through a page, but it floored me.