[ flawr-uh-lee-jee-uhm, flohr- ]
/ ˌflɔr əˈli dʒi əm, ˌfloʊr- /

noun, plural flo·ri·le·gi·a [flawr-uh-lee-jee-uh, flohr-]. /ˌflɔr əˈli dʒi ə, ˌfloʊr-/.

a collection of literary pieces; anthology.

Origin of florilegium

1640–50; <New Latin flōrilegium, equivalent to Latin flōri-flori- + leg(ere) to gather + -ium-ium, on the model of spīcilegium gleaning; a calque of Greek anthologíaanthology
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Example sentences from the Web for florilegium

  • Florilegium Portense, a work containing 115 cantiones selectissimas of from four to eight voices, with figured bass for organ.

    Bach|Charles Francis Abdy Williams
  • Though the Anthologia and the Florilegium are lavishly quoted, no references are given save the bare names.

  • Look through the dictionary, and cull out a florilegium, rival the tulippomania.

    Table-Talk|William Hazlitt
  • Are the Anthologia and the Florilegium quoted in any works previous to Forster's time?

British Dictionary definitions for florilegium

/ (ˌflɔːrɪˈliːdʒɪəm) /

noun plural -gia (-dʒɪə)

(formerly) a lavishly illustrated book on flowers
rare an anthology

Word Origin for florilegium

C17: Modern Latin, from Latin florilegus flower-collecting, from flōs flower + legere to collect
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