[ floun-der-ing ]
/ ˈflaʊn dər ɪŋ /
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struggling, especially clumsily or helplessly:The vast leap from tonal music to modernism was left to the floundering student to make, unaided.These classic writing mistakes are guaranteed to unlock the door to instant failure and free you to flop like a floundering fish on the floor.
in imminent danger of failure or catastrophic loss:The floundering venture laid off half its 200 employees and its chairman resigned.The player’s 2017 campaign not only revived what looked like a floundering career, it proved to be one of the best he'd ever had in the big leagues.
a clumsy, violent, or chaotic struggle:With many awkward flounderings, and much spluttering, I managed to keep barely afloat until I reached the shore.The floundering of the economy in the last decade has left many hardworking individuals without a job.
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Origin of floundering

flounder1 + -ing2 for the adjective senses; flounder1 + -ing1 for the noun sense

OTHER WORDS FROM floundering

floun·der·ing·ly, adverbun·floun·der·ing, adjective
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