/ (flʊˈɛlən) /

  1. either of two weedy scrophulariaceous annuals related to the toadflaxes, round-leaved fluellen (Kickxia spuria) and sharp-leaved fluellen (K. elatine)

  2. obsolete any of several speedwells, especially Veronica officinalis

Origin of fluellen

C16: shortened from Welsh Ilysiau Llewelyn Llewelyn's flower

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How to use fluellen in a sentence

  • I was willing that it should be extended for hours, but the little village of fluellen was reached, and here we go ashore.

    Letters from Switzerland | Samuel Irenus Prime
  • The author of this ridiculous tale deserves the fate of Pistol, whom fluellen compelled to eat his leek, skin and all.

    British Goblins | Wirt Sikes
  • Our friend fluellen would perhaps say, "the situations, look you, is both alike."

  • Anyhow, I reckon my wife wouldnt hear to it, said Mr. fluellen hopelessly.

    Local Color | Irvin S. Cobb
  • Yes, assented Mr. fluellen, I reckon thats no more than fair.

    Local Color | Irvin S. Cobb