or flu·gel·horn, flue·gel·horn

[floo-guh l-hawrn; German fly-guh l-hawrn]


a brass wind instrument with three valves, usually pitched in B flat and used especially in military bands.

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Origin of flügelhorn

1850–55; < German, equivalent to Flügel wing + Horn horn

Related formsflü·gel·horn·ist, flu·gel·horn·ist, flue·gel·horn·ist, noun

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a type of valved brass instrument consisting of a tube of conical bore with a cup-shaped mouthpiece, used esp in brass bands. It is a transposing instrument in B flat or C, and has the same range as the cornet in B flat

Word Origin for flugelhorn

German Flügelhorn, from Flügel wing + Horn horn

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Word Origin and History for flugelhorn



1854, from German flügelhorn, from flügel "wing" (related to fliegen "to fly;" see fly (v.1)) + horn "horn" (see horn (n.)).

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