noun, plural flun·keys.

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Related formsflun·key·ism, noun


or flun·key


noun, plural flun·kies.

a male servant in livery.
an assistant who does menial work.
a toady; yes-man.

Origin of flunky

First recorded in 1775–85; perhaps alteration of flanker

Related formsflun·ky·ism, noun

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noun plural flunkies or flunkeys

a servile or fawning person
a person who performs menial tasks
usually derogatory a manservant in livery

Word Origin for flunky

C18: of unknown origin

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also flunkey, 1782, Scottish dialect, "footman, liveried servant," of uncertain origin, perhaps a diminutive variant of flanker. Sense of "flatterer, toady" first recorded 1855.

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