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[ floo-res-uhnt, flaw-, floh- ]


  1. possessing the property of fluorescence; exhibiting fluorescence.
  2. strikingly bright, vivid, or glowing:

    plastic toys in fluorescent colors.


  1. a lighting fixture that utilizes a fluorescent lamp.
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Other Words From

  • nonfluo·rescent adjective
  • unfluo·rescent adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of fluorescent1

First recorded in 1850–55; fluor- + -escent
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Example Sentences

The particles, which were highly fluorescent, were tracked with laser sensors so the researchers could see their movement.

After one hour of UV exposure, 60 percent of strongly fluorescent individuals survived more than 30 days, while all less-fluorescent specimens died within 20 days.

It’s the first experimental evidence of fluorescent molecules protecting animals from radiation, researchers report October 14 in Biology Letters.

This year, they also showed that electrolyte levels could be detected with fluorescent tattoo sensors.

Then, the team attached a fluorescent protein to the host’s flowering protein and saw it glow in Australian dodder tissues, confirming that the parasites were taking up the chemical cue.

I was buying a book from a vendor in a crowded, fluorescent-lit convention center.

And then there's a brief flash of a sultry brunette, topless, alongside a fluorescent crucifix.

One of his favorite hacks is to put on the fluorescent vest of a maintenance worker.

A series of fluorescent lights flickered on, and there was the entire collection before us.

The scene in the ghastly fluorescent-lit tunnel 16 years ago this week was one of such hell it will never cease to haunt us.

The fluorescent filtrate was shaken with ether, by which the green substance was removed, leaving the solution purple.

A purple and green fluorescent solution was formed, though much tar was left apparently unchanged.

She was wearing a torn wife-beater and her hair was in long, fluorescent pink dreads down to her waist.

His eyes returned to the screen, to the bobbing figure that the psycho-integrator traced on the fluorescent background.

It is not exactly easy to get a regular coat of the fluorescent material, but it may be done with a little care.


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