flying dragon

  1. any of several arboreal lizards of the genus Draco, having an extensible membrane between the limbs along each side by means of which it makes long, gliding leaps.

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How to use flying dragon in a sentence

  • Above the umbrella are flowers and ornaments of precious stones; and it terminates with a flying dragon set in the same manner.

  • The sky is blue and cloudless, and above one of the towers is a flying dragon, intended to symbolise the fair Melusine.

    Chantilly in History and Art | Louise M. Richter
  • It is once called draca and thrice wyrm; but the latter word is used also of the flying dragon.

    The Heroic Age | H. Munro Chadwick
  • It was: "A true account of an entirely new and wonderful meteor, or flying dragon, which was seen last year in the heavens."

  • How scientific prigs shook with laughter at the notion of a flying dragon!