flying frog

  1. either of two East Indian frogs, Rhacophorus nigrapalmatus and R. pardalis, having broadly webbed feet permitting long, gliding leaps.

Origin of flying frog

First recorded in 1680–90

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How to use flying frog in a sentence

  • This was the Good Fairy who had given him the flying-frog carriage, so again she resolved to help him if she could.

  • So he went out with the Allo tribe once again and they led him up a creek to the place where the flying frog lives.

  • Now few people have ever seen the flying frog of Borneo, and those who have are called nasty names by those who haven't.

  • If he says there is a flying frog you can depend on it that there is one.

  • And thats where well get my flying frog, put in the professor.

British Dictionary definitions for flying frog

flying frog

  1. any of several tropical frogs of the family Rhacophoridae, esp Rhacophorus reinwardtii of Malaya, that glide between trees by means of long webbed digits

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