[ fob ]
/ fɒb /

verb (used with object), fobbed, fob·bing.

Archaic. to cheat; deceive.

Verb Phrases

fob off,
  1. to cheat someone by substituting something spurious or inferior; palm off (often followed by on): He tried to fob off an inferior brand on us.
  2. to put (someone) off by deception or trickery: She fobbed us off with false promises.

Origin of fob

1350–1400; Middle English fobben; cognate with German foppen to delude; cf. fob1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for fobbing (1 of 3)

/ (fɒb) /


a chain or ribbon by which a pocket watch is attached to a waistcoat
any ornament hung on such a chain
a small pocket in a man's waistcoat, for holding a watch
a metal or plastic tab on a key ring

Word Origin for fob

C17: probably of Germanic origin; compare German dialect Fuppe pocket

British Dictionary definitions for fobbing (2 of 3)

/ (fɒb) /

verb fobs, fobbing or fobbed

an archaic word for cheat

Word Origin for fob

C15: probably from German foppen to trick

British Dictionary definitions for fobbing (3 of 3)

/ (fɒb) /


NZ slang a Pacific Islander who has newly arrived in New Zealand

Word Origin for fob

C20: from f (resh) o (ff) (the) b (oat)
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