[ fur-bish ]
/ ˈfɜr bɪʃ /

verb (used with object)

to restore to freshness of appearance or good condition (often followed by up): to furbish a run-down neighborhood; to furbish up one's command of a foreign language.
to polish.

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Origin of furbish

1350–1400; Middle English furbishen < Middle French forbiss-, long stem of forbir to polish, clean < Germanic; compare Old High German furban

Related formsfur·bish·er, nounun·fur·bished, adjective

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/ (ˈfɜːbɪʃ) /

verb (tr)

to make bright by polishing; burnish
(often foll by up) to improve the appearance or condition of; renovate; restore
Derived Formsfurbisher, noun

Word Origin for furbish

C14: from Old French fourbir to polish, of Germanic origin

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Word Origin and History for furbish



late 14c. (implied mid-13c. in surname Furbisher), from Old French forbiss-, present participle stem of forbir "to polish, burnish; mend, repair" (12c., Modern French fourbir), from a Germanic source (cf. Old High German furban "to polish"), from PIE root *prep- "to appear." Related: Furbished; furbishing.

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