[ foh ]
/ foʊ /


a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another; enemy: a bitter foe.
a military enemy; hostile army.
a person belonging to a hostile army or nation.
an opponent in a game or contest; adversary: a political foe.
a person who is opposed in feeling, principle, etc., to something: a foe to progress in civil rights.
a thing that is harmful to or destructive of something: Sloth is the foe of health.

Origin of foe

First recorded before 900; Middle English foo, Old English fāh “hostile,” gefāh “enemy”; cognate with Old High German gifēh “at war”; see origin at feud1

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1. See enemy.

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/ (fəʊ) /


formal, or literary another word for enemy

Word Origin for foe

Old English fāh hostile; related to Old High German fēhan to hate, Old Norse feikn dreadful; see feud 1

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