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[fol-i-kuh l]
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  1. Anatomy.
    1. a small cavity, sac, or gland.
    2. one of the small ovarian sacs containing an immature ovum; Graafian follicle.
  2. Botany. a dry seed vessel, or pod, consisting of a single carpel, splitting at maturity only along the front part of the suture.
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Origin of follicle

First recorded in 1640–50, follicle is from the Latin word folliculus small bag, shell, pod. See follis, -cle1
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hair, nerve, seam, lode, stripe, germ, egg, unit, bacterium, streak, thread, duct, current, course, stratum, venation, follicle, capillary, embryo, microorganism

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British Dictionary definitions for follicle


  1. any small sac or cavity in the body having an excretory, secretory, or protective functiona hair follicle
  2. botany a dry fruit, formed from a single carpel, that splits along one side only to release its seeds: occurs in larkspur and columbine
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Derived Formsfollicular (fɒˈlɪkjʊlə), folliculate (fɒˈlɪkjʊˌleɪt) or folliculated, adjective

Word Origin for follicle

C17: from Latin folliculus small bag, from follis pair of bellows, leather money-bag
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Word Origin and History for follicle


early 15c., from French follicule or directly from Latin folliculus "little bag," diminutive of follis "bellows, inflated ball," from PIE *bhol-n-, suffixed form of root *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole).

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follicle in Medicine


  1. A small bodily cavity or sac.
  2. A crypt or minute cul-de-sac or lacuna, such as the depression in the skin from which the hair emerges.
  3. An ovarian follicle.
  4. A spherical mass of cells usually containing a cavity.
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follicle in Science


  1. A small, protective sac, gland, or cluster of cells in the body. In mammals, unfertilized eggs develop in follicles located in the ovaries. Hair grows from follicles in the skin.
  2. A dry, dehiscent fruit that develops from a single carpel, has a single chamber, and splits open along only one seam to release its seeds. The pod of the milkweed and the fruit of the magnolia are follicles.
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