1. a game in which the players must repeat the actions of the leader: US, Canadian, and Irish name: follow-the-leader

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How to use follow-my-leader in a sentence

  • “Heathcote, the weather is still cool, and we have all been talking of a grand follow-my-leader run;” began Newland.

    Digby Heathcote | W.H.G. Kingston
  • “We are playing follow-my-leader, Mr Growler; so if he goes we all must go, remember,” cried one of the boys.

    Digby Heathcote | W.H.G. Kingston
  • The scrub was so thick that they had to climb together and follow-my-leader along what appeared to be cattle tracks up the hill.

  • While the other cubs played “follow-my-leader” with the dam, he hung back, hesitating and afraid.

    Creatures of the Night | Alfred W. Rees
  • One of the curiosities of history was the great game of follow-my-leader, that the whole community used to play.

    Revisiting the Earth | James Langdon Hill