[ foh-meez ]
/ ˈfoʊ miz /
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noun, plural fom·i·tes [fom-i-teez, foh-mi-]. /ˈfɒm ɪˌtiz, ˈfoʊ mɪ-/.

Usually fomites .Pathology. a surface, as clothing or a door handle, that can become contaminated with pathogens when touched by the carrier of an infection, and can then transmit the pathogens to those who next touch the surface: I know my stainless steel sink is an excellent fomes, so it’s easily contaminated, but the vet told me not to worry about petting my dog—her porous, fibrous fur is a very poor fomes.



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Also called fo·mite [foh-meet] /ˈfoʊ mit/ .

Origin of fomes

First recorded in 1650–60; from Latin fōmes “kindling wood, tinder,” akin to fōvēre “to keep warm”
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British Dictionary definitions for fomes

/ (ˈfəʊmiːz) /

noun plural -mites (-mɪtiːz)

med any material, such as bedding or clothing, that may harbour pathogens and therefore convey disease
C18: from Latin fōmes tinder
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Medical definitions for fomes

[ fōmēz ]

n. pl. fom•i•tes (fŏmĭ-tēz′, fōmĭ-)

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