[ fawng, fong ]


  1. Hiram L(e·ong) [lee-, awng, -, ong], 1907–2004, U.S. lawyer and senator from Hawaii 1959–77.

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Example Sentences

The other three host galaxies had inconclusive shapes, Fong says.

Mannings, Fong and colleagues thought they could learn more about the FRBs’ sources by localizing their origins even more precisely.

The FRB locales have a fair amount of star formation, but they’re not the brightest and most active parts of their galaxies, Fong says.

For this mission, says Fong, it made more sense to lean on digital simulations that could test many of the rover’s components—and that included the open-source software.

The merger sprays neutron-rich material “not seen anywhere else in the universe” around the collision site, Fong says.

And I certainly remembered the bylines of Chet Flippo and Ben Fong-Torres.

And then Hiram Fong and [S.I] Hayakawa, representing Hawaii and California.

A Chinese-American, Harvard-trained lawyer, Fong served in World War II as a major in the Air Force.

Chief of Police Heather Fong retired in 2009 after six years.

The Cheng Fong Hwa was a fishing vessel from Taiwan that was taken on April 18, 2007.

I didn't know what to answer, and blessed Fong's sleek black head, as slippered and silent, he slid in to announce dinner.

The morning that Traynor was due at the ranch with his family, the men and Fong were up long before daybreak.

Fong hovered in the doorway, and as they looked up they saw a cake with gorgeous white icing.

Fong, on a hunt for eggs, passed through the stable as the letter was finished, and Limber called him to tell him the news.

Fong appeared at the door of the men's kitchen, looked across at the group, then ambled over and addressed the foreman.