food service


  1. the preparation, delivery, serving, etc., of ready-to-eat foods:

    The cafeteria employs over 20 people in food service.

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Example Sentences

Calphalon started life as a company called Commercial Aluminum Cookware in 1963, supplying the restaurant industry and other professional food services.

In normal years, McCracken said, there are things the food service industry can do to ease the strain on its wing supply.

Tripling her salary from $13 an hour in the food service industry to a salaried position with wages and benefits.

A woman working from home is at less risk of exposure to the virus than, say, a food service worker in a hospital or someone whose partner travels on public transportation every day.

Services outlays slipped on decreases for food services and accommodations.

From Fortune

The usher is from the Bismarck Food Service, wearing a blue Bismarck jersey, carrying a Bismarck bucket filled with soft drinks.

He logged and accounted for every box that entered food service.

I survey the offerings provided by a food service company contracted by the D.C. school board.

Few people appreciate the labor cost in excellent cookery and few have any conception of the cost of good food service today.

Give the people a free hand, and in ten days the food service will be conducted with admirable regularity.





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