food truck

[ food truhk ]


  1. a truck or van from which food is sold, as to people on the street.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of food truck1

First recorded in 1885–90

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Example Sentences

The company also offers EV charging rates to its District customers and will support an innovative pilot to electrify food trucks.

He has railed against mask requirements, complaining in one post that he was denied service by a food truck.

This winter there will also be a food truck in a vintage camper offering easy grab-and-go service.

No food trucks or extra family activities will be available this year.

Favreau’s character decides to head back to his roots, trying to find his flavor again by launching a food truck in Miami.

From Fortune

INSIDER TIP: Head downtown for salutatorian Fusion Taco, another food truck turned brick-and-mortar.

Danny Trejo (Machette, Bad Ass) could serve you tacos from a food truck.

The man who started the L.A. food truck craze shares his favorite spots to grab some delicious grub on wheels.

Offering food truck vendors enhanced "opportunities" to lose money.

So I'd like to see the same jaundiced eye that gets applied to food truck regulations also applied to the federal government.

Down a side incline, a segment behind us, a small automatic food truck came lurching.





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