foot-and-mouth disease

[foo t-n-mouth]

noun Veterinary Pathology.

an acute, contagious, febrile disease of cattle, hogs, sheep, and other hoofed animals, caused by any of various rhinoviruses and characterized by vesicular eruptions in the mouth and about the hoofs, teats, and udder.

Origin of foot-and-mouth disease

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British Dictionary definitions for foot-and-mouth disease

foot-and-mouth disease


an acute highly infectious viral disease of cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats, characterized by the formation of vesicular eruptions in the mouth and on the feet, esp around the hoofsAlso called: hoof-and-mouth disease, aphtha, aphthous fever Technical name: contagious stomatitis
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foot-and-mouth disease in Medicine

foot-and-mouth disease


An acute, highly contagious degenerative viral disease of cattle and other cloven-hoofed animals, characterized by fever and the eruption of vesicles around the mouth and hoofs.hoof-and-mouth disease
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foot-and-mouth disease in Science

foot-and-mouth disease

A highly contagious disease of cattle and other hoofed animals caused by any of various viruses of the family Picornaviridae and the genus Aphthovirus , characterized by fever and the presence of blisters around the mouth and hooves.
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