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or foot·can·dle

[ foo t-kan-dl ]
/ ˈfʊtˈkæn dl /

noun Optics.

a unit of illuminance or illumination, equivalent to the illumination produced by a source of one candle at a distance of one foot and equal to one lumen incident per square foot. Abbreviation: FC


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  • A lumen is the quantity of light which falls on one square foot if the intensity of illumination is one foot-candle.

    Artificial Light|M. Luckiesh

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a former unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square foot or 10.764 lux
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Medicine definitions for foot-candle



A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface equal to 1 lumen per square foot. It has been replaced in the International System by the candela (1 lumen per square meter).
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