foot traffic


  1. the wear and tear caused to a surface by people walking on it
  2. the activity of pedestrians in a particular area

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Example Sentences

But whether these gussied-up chicken nuggets helps boost sales, foot traffic or market share is almost beside the point.

There was heavy foot traffic in the cramped area as people walked in and out of the bathrooms.

ShopperTrak also measured a 4.4 percent annual decline in retail foot traffic.

Foot traffic on Tuesday consisted mostly of construction and clean-up crews in white zip-up suits.

A week without foot traffic and hungry consumers was a greater loss for the business, of course.

The interrupted foot-traffic stared at them as they slid past below.

Then appeared a second entrance, a double one for horse and foot traffic, each gate defended by its drawbridge.

It was no more than fit for foot traffic, but for this it was very convenient.

In three places the Dana was bridged over for vehicular traffic, and in two others for foot traffic.

Inca "roads" were designed for foot traffic, and steps were the means used for going up slopes.





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