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  1. Andrew Hull, 1806–63, U.S. naval officer.
  2. Arthur William, 1853–1937, U.S. organist.
  3. Shelby, 1916–2005, U.S. novelist and historian.

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Example Sentences

It was here, he says, that Foote learned lab technique and how to frame and carry out a research project.

Foote attended, and signed the convention’s “Declaration of Sentiments” that stated the societal changes necessary to fully include women.

“Foote went from a farmer’s daughter to one of the greats in the science of climate change,” says John Perlin, a visiting scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of books on solar power and other topics.

Tyndall, however, established a critical feature that Foote had not.

Nevertheless, Foote predicted that changing CO2 levels could change global temperatures, as we see today with CO2 at over 400 ppm.

Gregory Peck was a gentleman and Horton Foote, the great Texas playwright, was always on the set.

“Somary came into my office with the mother and strenuously denied everything,” Foote said.

Foote lasted for three years as headmaster and has since suffered a stroke, but told Kamil that he could remember the incident.

The author quotes Shelby Foote for the epigraph: “Southerners are very strange about that war.”

A few more gripes: Must every name in a southern novel (Miss Hilly, Celia Foote) edge so close to parody?

On this outrage he took the advice of Foote, who told him never to play so high again.

It groweth two foote and a halfe high or better: the blades are about two foot in length, and half inch broad.

Senator Foote is actively engaged in canvassing the state, urging the same views.

Thus defeated in point of fact, Foote found himself baffled also in point of design.

Foote had fourteen of these monsters pounding away at the Confederates, and the roar was deafening.





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