[ foo-tee ]

adjective,foo·ti·er, foo·ti·est.Northern British Dialect.
  1. poor; worthless; paltry.

Origin of footy

1740–50; variant of foughty musty; compare Old English fūht moist, damp (cognate with German feucht); see -y1

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How to use footy in a sentence

  • You should jest 'ear wot I 'ear, old pal.Let big pots make the round o' the pubs, and they won't talk that footy fal-lal.

  • How the devil can I keep those footy little lights going for a month without no wicks?

  • Even more remarkable is the way in which the piano-footy has simplified musical composition.

    Bizarre | Lawton Mackall
  • Angel wings and a white kimono, worn bare-footy, would go some rotten with my Spanish style of beauty, what?

  • Think of all that trouble for four footy chickens not worth more'n four bits in Injianny.

British Dictionary definitions for footy



/ (ˈfʊtɪ) /

  1. informal

    • football

    • (as modifier): footy boots

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