force field

[ fawrs feeld ]


  1. Physics. a field of any type of energy, such as gravitational, magnetic, or electric, that surrounds and affects something:

    Figure 2 shows the electrical force fields surrounding the positive and negative charges that produce them.

  2. Chemistry. a method of calculating the amount of potential energy acting between particles, atoms, or molecules.
  3. (in fantasy and science fiction) a space around a planet, spacecraft, etc., in which some kind of energy or special power operates as a barrier:

    The island is surrounded by a magical force field that keeps the villains safely locked up and away from the mainland.

  4. a particularly intense emotional or spiritual energy, charisma, aura, vibe, etc., that has the effect either of drawing others closer or of keeping them away:

    It’s not always safe to self-reveal—I know when I can let down my guard, and when I need to have the force field up.

    The eyes of the ancient statue glittered with an unsettling intelligence and grace, and I was captured by the force field of a powerful presence.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of force field1

First recorded in 1910–15

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Example Sentences

“When you fired your arrow at the force field, you electrified a nation,” President Coin (Julianne Moore) tells her.

She had just shot her arrow at an electric force field, an apparently society-changing act of defiance.

“I like these special places that have a kind of force field,” says Dyer.

Probably had a small force-field in his pocket, Ward thought, and a pair of brass knuckles.

It had started with his experiments in Force Field 348, an experiment to observe the effects of heating a conductor in that field.

The force field enables a man to reach out and take anything he wants to, from a massive machine to a microscopic bit of matter.

It was the force field created when you destroyed Thett that threw you forward?

The microscreen was a hemispherical force field enclosing his head.





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