/ fɔːd /


  1. FordeFrank18901983MAustralianPOLITICS: politicianPOLITICS: prime minister Frank , full name Francis Michael Forde. 1890–1983, Australian politician; prime minister of Australia for eight days (1945)

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Example Sentences

While Forde barked orders, Bush, 36, was the tall triggerman in blackface.

Forde is a former beautician and Boeing worker from Everett, Washington.

Forde called Jason Bush “Gunny” and she apparently believed his wild tales about being a star sniper in the Army.

Her terrified mother survived by playing dead, and called 911 after Bush and Forde left the trailer.

After she was sentenced to death, Forde, dressed in a gray pant suit and pink blouse, maintained her flat affect.

Dr. Forde had no clerk, unless it chanced that some one in the condemned pew knew how to read.

Dr. Forde seems to have been more in his element when taking the chair at a public-house free-and-easy.

Forde, with an earnest look in his blue eyes, looked up from the fire he was kindling, and shook his head gravely.

The girl's frank sarcasm delighted Forde, the more so as he knew that what she had said was perfectly true.

She had changed her riding dress for a white skirt and blouse, and looked as Forde said, "divinely cool and refreshing."





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