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foreign relations


  1. (used with a plural verb) the dealings and relationships between nations.
  2. (used with a singular verb) the field of foreign affairs:

    an expert in foreign relations.

  3. (used with a singular verb) the quality or character of foreign affairs as a consequence of foreign policy:

    a deterioration in their foreign relations.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of foreign relations1

An Americanism dating back to 1800–10

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Example Sentences

After graduating high school, he attending the University of Virginia, double-majoring in economics and foreign relations.

Maybe all it will take to improve foreign relations or seal that deal is just a few shots of baijiu.

Pakistan needs to revisit, revise and improve its foreign relations to ask for support if needed.

But that is just the danger Mark Leonard and José Ignacio Torreblanca warn about in a European Council on Foreign Relations brief.

Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will mark up legislation to give aid to Ukraine and sanction Russia.

In the conduct of his foreign relations, the Bruce proved himself an adept in diplomacy.

At one period of their history, the foreign relations of the Japanese were of the most amicable character.

Then—as now—for Canada foreign relations meant first and foremost relations with her great neighbor to the south.

But it was not imperial or foreign relations that dominated public interest in the seventies.

The foreign relations of the country are thus under open and public control.


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