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[ fuh-ren-siks, -ziks ]


, (used with a singular or plural verb)
  1. For graduates in analytical chemistry, opportunities exist not only in the pharma sector but also in areas such as forensics and food processing.

    If we’ve been hacked, we’re going to need someone with experience in computer forensics and cybersecurity.

  2. Forensics. a branch, department, lab, etc., employing professionals skilled in forensic science:

    The stained garments were sent to forensics for analysis.

  3. the art or study of argumentation and formal debate:

    His prowess at cogent and engaging persuasion comes from his training in classical forensics.


  1. relating to, trained in, or making use of forensic science:

    She works in the forensics lab of a police department.

    A forensics expert determined that the marks were not made by teeth.

  2. of or relating to the art or study of argumentation and formal debate:

    In our forensics program, students learn to speak with knowledge, grace, eloquence, respect, and winsomeness.


/ fəˈrɛnsɪks /


  1. functioning as singular or plural the art or study of formal debating

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Word History and Origins

Origin of forensics1

First recorded in 1840–45; plural of forensic ( def ); -ics ( def )

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Example Sentences

Inside the country's only wildlife forensics lab, where scientists hunt down black-market animal smugglers.

A little astronomical forensics suggests that these objects used to be a binary: two stars in mutual orbit.

So, after nine days, what can really be understood about the forensics of this tragedy?

Where bodies are planted to study the forensics of decomposition.

During one court battle, Weitzman says, a husband accused of abuse was asked to have his car appraised by forensics experts.

Finally things settled down to jury trials and men let lawyers do most of the fighting with forensics instead of forty-fives.

The literary societies give excellent training in forensics.

I ought to have gained much more than I did gain from writing the themes and forensics.

With all his love for forensics as such, Lang had solid convictions.





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