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[ fer-got ]


  1. a simple past tense and past participle of forget.


/ fəˈɡɒt /


  1. the past tense of forget
  2. archaic.
    a past participle of forget

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Example Sentences

A trinket, a souvenir, a sentimental, heart-strung charm for the road, so that I never forgot what I saw, never forgot what it felt like to be there, breathing in that air, taking in that same view that my ancestors took in centuries ago.

From Vox

You may only use the beard trimmer for a few minutes a week, but if the battery dies or you forgot to charge it, waiting around for it to charge in the midst of a busy morning can be extremely frustrating.

Which probably has to do with — wait, I forgot what I was going to say.

“I just wanted to have someone to love me in my old age, and because I was desperate for that love I forgot who I was for a short period of time,” Thompson said, asking for time to spend with her grandchildren before she dies.

I can’t say I forgot I had them in—especially when the ANC muted the world around me—but they were secure enough that I never had to fiddle with their placement.

Several times, either because they forgot or they had a technical problem, they connected directly, and we could see them.

Should old acquaintance be forgot, just remember a few of the resolutions the Founding Fathers (would have) made this year.

Chiefly, we forgot the many, many problems there are with the bones—the book and score—to this show.

“It was a moment of shock that Doar never forgot,” notes historian Taylor Branch.

Never mind that young people, women, Hispanics, and blacks forgot to vote.

But he forgot the stagnant town, the bald-headed man at the club window, the organ and "The Manola."

Next morning Judy shouted that there was a rat in the nursery, and thus he forgot to tell her the wonderful news.

"I rather think you forgot Miss Warrender's presence," retorted the coquette.

Under the soothing influence of beauty, however, the vicar forgot his woes.

Nothing did for some time, and, when it did it was so strange that Squinty never forgot it as long as he lived.


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